Eavestroughs and Gutter Guards

The highest standard of eavestroughs, fastening systems, and gutter guards.

At Mex Roofing we offer elite installation of seamless 5” eavestroughs, built with premium aluminum. Each installation starts with a thorough inspection of your fascia, roof border, and soffit to ensure there are no unpleasant surprises during the installation process. Mex Roofing also offers a wide variety of colours to make sure your eavestroughs add to, not detract from, the rest of your home.

Mex Roofing uses only the best materials and products for your home. Having left behind the old technology of basic gutters (with hangers spaced every 16 to 18 inches), the experts at Mex Roofing provide you with newest standard for your gutters. The best standard of gutters, which have continuous support along the entire length, is the most reliable way to avoid clogging of debris, breaking due to the weight of snow, and other issues that come with the harsh Canadian climate. The fastening systems used at Mex Roofing are also made of aluminum to prevent rusting.

The experts at Mex Roofing provide superior inspections and installations for your gutters and eavestroughs.

The first option for gutter fasteners is the T-Rex® system, a Continuous Hanger system from Alu-Rex, that helps create a unified structure that resists bending and twisting. The T-Rex® is 50% stronger than traditional fasteners and can support up to 250 lbs per linear foot, which eliminates the risk of warping. The T-Rex® also comes with a lifetime warranty on its sturdiness and materials and a 40-year warranty for its clog-free nature.

Another option for gutter fasteners is the DoublePro®, a dual-action Microfiltration Continuous HangerTM also from Alu-Rex, that is designed to withstand the most extreme weather conditions in Canada. The DoublePro® is covered by the most extensive warranty in the industry: a 360˚ lifetime warranty on the materials, durability, and clog-free performance. The DoublePro® is the only gutter guard whose clog-free warranty also covers pine areas. DoublePro® gutter guards share the strength of their T-Rex® counterparts, but with the added benefit of their 360˚ lifetime warranty.

Gutter Clean System®
The Gutter Clean System® is a gutter guard system that protects your eavestroughs for retrofit application. The Gutter Clean System® fits onto any kind of gutter, no matter the fastening system, to help prevent clogs from debris, such as leaves, buds, insects, nests, or even small animals. This gutter guard system comes with a 40-year clog-free guarantee so you can be confident knowing your home and gutters are well-protected.

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Service Benefits

  • Replaces nails and spaced hangers to keep gutters solidly in place.
  • Prevents snow, ice, leaves, and other debris from getting into gutters.
  •  Allows water through during winter thaws.
  • The UV barrier protects the sealant, eliminating corner leaks.
  • Prevents water and moisture from infiltrating fascia.
  • Does not rust, chip, or flake.
  • Invisible from the ground.
  • Protects eavestroughs from damage from ladders.
  • Drains 3x more water during heavy rainfall than previous technology. Only DoublePro®:
  • 360˚ lifetime warranty that covers pine areas.
  • Only Gutter Clean System®:
  • Reduces the proliferation of mosquitoes and associated viruses.