Residential roofing from the best certified vendor in Saskatoon.

Mex Roofing is the preferred certified roofing vendor in Saskatoon due to their high-quality materials and professional manner. The experts at Mex Roofing provide your residential building with superior service and a family-like environment so you feel comfortable while they work on your home.

Mex Roofing is Saskatoon’s #1 certified residential roofing vendor.

At Mex Roofing, the elite installers take pride in following all manufacturer instructions to ensure perfect installation every time. In addition to the premier roofing options, Mex Roofing will always provide a synthetic underlay for your roof (a membrane water shield adhered to your plywood) so your roof has a second line of defense from water and moisture. This is a necessary protection protocol for snowy Saskatchewan to help ensure your home stays dry through any and all extreme weather conditions.

Exceptional service from your local experts; High-quality materials used to create masterful results

Mex Roofing will also assist you with hail damage and other insurance claims. Through PB, SGi, or Co-op, Mex Roofing is authorized to help you make any roofing insurance claim, and will be there for you throughout the process. Mex Roofing is a professional, courteous, and reliable company that will ensure your roofing needs are taken care of in the way you need them to be.

Service Benefits

  • Roofing installation from the best roofing experts in the Saskatoon area.
  • Premium products designed to withstand the harshest climate.

  • Efficient and dependable services.