Soffit and Fascia

Expert installation of Fascia and Soffit that is right for your home.

The highly qualified workers at Mex Roofing will install, repair, or replace your soffit and fascia using only the best materials available. At Mex Roofing, you have the choice from many colours and styles to ensure your roof has the finished look you desire. With the best materials and expert installation, your home will be beautiful and have maximum protection.

Enhance the look and the level of protection in your home with quality Fascia and Soffit from Mex Roofing.

Fascia is the forward-facing strip that protects the joint between your roof and exterior walls. This product enhances the look of your home, as well as reduces the need for costly painting and maintenance. At Mex Roofing, we use only the highest-quality materials to provide you with long-lasting results.

Protect against moisture and moulding; Prevent pests from entering your home

Soffit connects to the fascia of your home and provides excellent airflow while keeping out insects and rodents. With soffit, you will have lifetime protection and peace of mind knowing your home is safe. At Mex Roofing, the team prides themselves on their quality soffit materials and installation.

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Service Benefits

  • Additional protection for your home from pests.
  • Disguise the unsightly ventilation from your attic.
  • Provide air circulation to avoid rot or mould.
  • Give your home a clean appearance.